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Among the many aspects to consider when planning an experience abroad, the most fun of all is definitely the choice of the place to call home! Do you need privacy and fancy an apartment on your own, or would you rather prefer to experience the international community in a student residence? Maybe you wish to integrate of the community that is hosting you, living with locals!

With Belong, we have several accommodation options in Florence, suitable for all needs – and all budgets!

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There is a new way of living in Florence, which makes you feel part of its community and also allows you to save money!

That’s the co-living option: a cohabitation model between a citizen or family residing in Florence and students, which offers several benefits both to those who host and those who are hosted.


If living in an apartment is just not your piece of cake, in Florence you can find many other options designed for students. A great starting point to share your experience with other people!


The Social Hub

The Social Hub is a diverse community within which you can find: hotel rooms, coworking and event spaces, restaurants, a gym, an art gallery, and anything else that brings people together.


Camplus offers apartments located in strategic points of the city, providing safe and fun places to enjoy an unforgettable community experience.

CX Florence Student Place

Social, colourful, fun. 246 beds, common areas for every need and the largest student community in Italy. A place to feel at home away from home, sharing unique experiences.


An immersive student experience in facilities located in the historic center of Florence. Our en-suite rooms and lively common areas are the perfect environment where you’ll always feel at home.

Evergreen Florence Residence

The evergreen university residence was created as a response to an essential need for an off-campus student and student: a place to feel at home during the period of university studies.