Attività associazione In-armonia

Musicability Orchestra Regionale Inclusiva della Toscana

The In-Armonia Association has been operating in the Florence area since September 2019, but its activities predate its establishment and date back to October 2016. The youngsters rehearse one hour a week as a group and delve into the various instruments within half an hour of individual lessons, also on a weekly basis. During rehearsals, they study the pieces that form the repertoire for the concerts that the orchestra offers throughout the year. Mainly these are pieces from the classical sphere, but contamination is welcome and welcome.

Start date

September 2023

Offer valid until

February 2024

Tasks of the volunteer

IMPORTANT: NO prior musical training is necessary. Volunteers will be expected to work alongside the children during group rehearsal sessions, learn to decipher and execute the Director’s directions thus helping our audience bring the various pieces to fruition.


Courses will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays.


All meetings are held at Sonoria, Via Chiusi 3, Florence.


The only requirement is the age of majority for volunteers.

We recommend, subject to volunteer availability, stable participation in the activities of one of the 4 groups for a period of time of not less than one month. This does not in any case represent a bar to participation.