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Cleaner air. Less traffic. More joy.

That’s the mantra of Bird, the micro-electric mobility app that partners with cities and universities around the world to provide new mobility options, integrate public transportation systems, and transform the way we get around with its fleet of electric scooters!

Bird scooters cut down on vehicle use and the volume of traffic on the road, for a human-scale and greener Florence (and world!)!


Bird offers Belongers not 1, not 2, not 3, but as many as 5 free unlocks for 5 scooter rides in Florence!
This means that for 5 times you won’t have to pay the activation cost of the ride (€ 1 each), but only the actual minutes you use the scooter (€ 0.24 per minute). Pretty cool in a small city like Florence, where rides are quick and smooth!

How to use your Benefit?

To use your benefit, dear Belonger, download Bird’s App, create your account, select “Promotions” from the main menu and enter the dedicated code Bird4Belong: you won’t have to pay to activate the scooter for the first 5 rides!

Any doubts about how to use Bird? Sort it out here!
Hey Belonger! Always use your scooter safely and obey traffic laws! And at the end of the ride, remember to park your vehicle in a designated parking area: the city relies on you!