Travel & Moving



Weitless dynamic luggage service that frees you from the burden of suitcases and opens up the opportunity to enjoy your time until minutes before departure, via train or plane.


Weitless provides an exclusive service for students that includes: baggage pickup, daily storage and delivery!

€ 11 per baggage less than 9 pieces
€ 8 per baggage over 9 pieces
€ 7 up to 29 pieces of luggage
€ 6 over 30 pieces of luggage

Additional days of storage will be charged at € 6 per day per baggage. For deliveries in territories outside the municipality of Florence will be increased the price d 10 euros per DELIVERY.

How to use your Benefit?

To request the service, write to specifying the checkin or checkout service, arrival and departure locations and times as well as the number of bags.

Remember to mention that you are a Belonger by forwarding your email of successful registration!