BE.LONG / what is it

Be.long is a project from Florence for its temporary citizens.

  • international students
  • startuppers and co-workers
  • workers on business trips

Anyone who comes to the city for a long period.

This is a 360 ° information area within, the official marketplace of the city and partner of the Municipality of Florence.

Why Be.long

Choosing Florence for an extended period means belonging to it, perhaps for a while, or perhaps forever. 

What you will find

Be.long provides you with all the information you need to start your new life in Florence.

Housing: find the accommodation you prefer at an advantageous price, quality is guaranteed.

Be.long Promo and Discounts: become a Be.long user and access promo codes, benefits reserved for students, startuppers and coworkers

Moving: all the documents you need, both as a European citizen and as a non-EU citizen

Study: information on international universities, schools and institutes and the steps to take

Work: details on coworking spaces and useful information

Live like a local: access to all the content on how to experience the city like a true Florentine

Be.long is a project by Destination Florence Convention & Visitors Bureau in partnership with the Municipality of Florence.