Become a volunteer

Florence is ready to give you all of itself. But are you ready to offer some of your time to the city?

Help out in the city

An experience in a foreign city often means learning, having fun, and making lasting memories. But it can be so much more. More and more young individuals are wondering how they can help and give back to the community that is giving and welcoming them. if you are looking for volunteer opportunities too, you are in the right place, Belonger.

You will be surprised to discover how rewarding it is to actively help to do something useful and meaningful for your new city, along with dozens of other volunteers.
Let’s find out how together!

Angeli del Bello Firenze

Angeli del bello

A nonprofit foundation promoting projects and initiatives to improve urban decency and engaged citizenship.


Oxfam is a movement of millions of people fighting against inequality to end poverty and injustice – today and in the future.

Banco alimentare

Since 1989 Banco Alimentare has been fighting waste by recovering food that is still good, redistributing it to those in need.

Fondazione ANT

Ant Foundation was founded in 1978 to provide free home care to cancer patients, whether adults or children.

Arcigay Firenze Altre Sponde

A nonprofit association established to support and promote Florence’s LGBTQIA+ community and its culture.

Ars et Fides Firenze

An association of volunteer guides, who work to welcome visitors entering religious buildings.

Associazione In-Armonia

The association carries on the activities of the Inclusive Regional Orchestra of Tuscany, which brings together people with disabilities and professionals.

Croce Rossa Italiana

The Italian Red Cross has the status of a supranational charitable organization, under the high patronage of the President of the Italian Republic.

Centro Servizi Volontariato Toscana

Cesvot’s purpose is to serve as a Volunteer Service Center within the territorial scope of the Tuscany Region.

Le Curandaie APS

Le Curandaie APS is a nonprofit organization founded to support women and families in carrying out projects to assist disadvantaged people.

Meeting Point Firenze Studenti

At Meeting Point, students are welcomed and assisted in their studies by a group of adult volunteers, both Italian and foreign university students.