Become a volunteer

Florence is ready to give you all of itself. But are you ready to offer some of your time to the city?

Help out in the city

An experience in a foreign city often means learning, having fun, and making lasting memories. But it can be so much more. More and more young individuals are wondering how they can help and give back to the community that is giving and welcoming them. if you are looking for volunteer opportunities too, you are in the right place, Belonger.

You will be surprised to discover how rewarding it is to actively help to do something useful and meaningful for your new city, along with dozens of other volunteers.
Let’s find out how together!

angeli del bello

Do you know Angeli del Bello (literally, the angels of beauty)? You should! It is a non-profit organization that promotes and coordinates urban volunteer efforts aimed at the decorum and beauty of Florence. Through its activities, it encourages the active participation of citizens in taking care of and protecting the common patrimony that has made our city famous all over the world.

You may take part in volunteer projects that will allow you to discover Florence and meet many locals at the same time! Take a look at the official calendar of the association and plan to take part in the next activity in your neighborhood. What are you waiting for?


Changing the world starts from here: Oxfam is a movement of millions of people fighting against inequality to end poverty and injustice – today and in the future. Become an Oxfam volunteer at Florence, and discover how even small actions can really make a difference!

Give up some of your free time for awareness-raising and fundraising activities: you will help spread opinion campaigns and support Oxfam in its daily fight against poverty. Becoming a volunteer is easy, you just have to take the first step!


Are you too fed up with seeing all this food wasted every day? Would you like to do something but don’t know where to start? With Banco Alimentare you can lend a helping hand in a very practical way! Since 1989, Banco Alimentare has been fighting waste and recovering food that is still good, redistributing it to those in need, and giving it a new value.

You can see that organizations like this struggle daily against time and food spoilage. Donating part of your day to the Florence branch of the Banco Alimentare can really help change the lives of many. Find out how below!