Not even Italy and Florence elude the inconveniences and restrictions imposed by the current pandemic. The virus is kept under control thanks to the high rate of vaccinations: more than 90% of the Italian population over age 12 has received at least one dose of vaccine and 86% has completed the vaccination cycle. Not bad, huh? You can monitor the progress of the vaccination campaign on the government website!

Green Pass

Life in Florence has regained its new “normalcy”, and Florentines are learning to live with Covid-19 by taking some small precautions, and so can you, Belonger! Don’t let the pandemic stop your dreams: just be sure to always have with you the European Green Certification (Green Pass) or the equivalent certificate from your country and remember to follow the standard rules of hygiene and care that we all know very well by now (use a protective mask, maintain a safe social distancing, sanitize your hands frequently).

Stay up to date on the national and regional regulations in force, as they evolve constantly according to the trend of contagions. 

white card

Hey you, Belonger coming from the USA!
Keep in mind that the White Card issued by the health authorities to US citizens who have completed their vaccination cycle is equivalent to the Super Green Pass from the Italian Ministry of Health. Not bad, uh?


Some schools may have activated hybrid or remote study modes (so-called DAD, “Didattica a Distanza”): check it with your school. In the meantime, read the information you may need to take care of your health during your stay in Florence!