Workers’ lifestyle in Florence

Some general information that may be useful if you are considering looking for a job in Florence or starting your own business.

A good work-life balance

Remember, Belonger: you work to live, not live to work. Disconnect from your typical work space and present in a place you like. Surround yourself with events, art, squares, people as all of this is essential to your creativity. Who wouldn’t want Florence right outside their office.

Whatever work you choose to do, the beauty of this city will give you comfort on bad days, will amaze you on your days off, and will surprise you when you least expect it.

Ok, you have decided to work in Florence, at least for a while.
so Here is some information that may be convenient for you.

Garanzia Giovani: what is it?

Are you between 15 and 30 years old and looking to enter the world of work? The European Commission has launched the Garanzia Giovani Program for people like you, Belonger! An operator will provide you with all the information in the clearest way possible to guide you through the services available: an internship or apprenticeship in a company, a training course, or even the civil service.

After the first welcoming step, you will be interviewed individually in order to define the most suitable path for you. It doesn’t matter if you are not an Italian citizen: it is enough to be resident in Italy and have a regular residence permit!



In Italy, tourism and the preservation of cultural heritage are the core business of the economy, and Florence is certainly no exception. Additionally, the Tuscan capital is hope to the fascinating world of fashion, with some of the most important international brands. And lastly, the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

In the last decade many innovative inventions have emerged that offer workers, local or not, many new opportunities. Not only are these new and exciting opportunities, but often these companies promote more dynamic working environments and more flexible hours, as well as organizing aperitifs and unmissable events dedicated to workers!

Some examples?

Nana Bianca

Piazza del Cestello, 10

One of the largest accelerators for Italian digital startups, with about 65 participations in innovative Italian and international startups: a multifunctional space located in the heart of Florence, in the district of San Frediano, which boasts a strong attraction for new business ventures and digital natives.

Manifattura Tabacchi

Via delle Cascine, 35

Born from a former cigar factory running for over 70 years, since 2018, it is a new district of the city, animated by the creative energy of fashion, art and design. It is not by chance the fashion school Polimoda has some classrooms here as Manifattura Tabacchi is continuously expanding. It’s also a great place for your aperitifs! 

Meal vouchers

If the company you work for provides you in meal vouchers (called buoni pasto), you can also use them for groceries at most supermarkets, such as Coop, Esselunga or Conad. Always check first on the voucher website where you are capable of spending them. You can also often use them at different bars and restaurants: ask your new colleagues!