Le Curandaie APS

Le Curandaie APS

Help us spread a culture of support, inclusion and volunteerism.

Research, education and development

Le Curandaie APS is a nonprofit organization established to support women and families in the implementation of projects for the economically disadvantaged, disabled and frail. The association pursues civic purposes of social solidarity by promoting the spread of a culture of support, inclusion and volunteerism.

Join and discover how rewarding it is to lend a hand.

Le Cure dell’Horto, Area Pettini Burresi

The Le Cure dell’Horto project deals with the creation and maintenance of an accessible vegetable garden in one of the busiest parks in the Cure neighborhood: the Pettini Burresi Area, also known as Giordano Cubattoli Park.

cuREMAKE: an Inclusive Vintage Space

In this 240-square-meter space, all the furniture, clothes and toys donated to the association are stored and sold. The space welcomes every day members of the Florence Autism Association Onlus.