Health & Safety

In your everyday life it is important to know some simple information in order to put health first, even in Florence.

Health is a fundamental right of every citizen, protected by the Italian Constitution. This means that the Italian Government ensures health care to every citizen, financing it through taxation, according to the principles of universality, equality and equity.

Your health is an asset for the whole community, Belonger. Today more than ever!

Health insurance

If you are a non-EU citizen, health insurance is an essential tool, which you will also need to apply for your entry visa and residence permit, which will have the same duration as your insurance. When it expires, you can turn to additional private insurance or enroll in the National Health Service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale or SSN), if you qualify for it.

Enrolment in the National Health Service 

Registration with the National Health Service and Regional Health Service can be compulsory (free of charge) or voluntary (by paying), depending on the category of the applicant. As we mentioned, enrollment is necessary to obtain both a visa and a residence permit, if this is your case.


If you reside in an EU member state, you can benefit from health care services by showing the EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) issued by your country of origin. With the EHIC card you can get treatments considered medically necessary by simply registering with the list of temporary residents of the City of Florence, with no need of registering with the SSN. This is the case even with temporary stays longer than 90 days if you are a student or a temporary worker,


Are you a non-EU citizen, Belonger, and will stay in Italy for more than 90 days? You must register to the National Health Service, free of charge. If you have a residence permit for work reasons and you can do it at the competent ASL (meaning “Azienda Sanitaria Locale”, i.e. an office of local health authority) for your area of residence. This registration will allow you to have a primary care physician and to have access to medical services as an Italian citizen. Alternatively, if you have a residence permit for study reasons, you can register with the National Health Service voluntarily by paying a flat-rate fee of about € 150 to the ASL, obtaining an enrolment valid for one calendar year (until 31 December!). After enrollment, you will receive your health card at home.

Did you know that…

All foreign students (EU and non-EU) attending the Università degli Studi di Firenze are entitled to enroll voluntarily in the National Health Service, paying the annual fee and ensuring the same health care as an Italian citizen throughout the duration of the course of study.

A clinic for ITALIAN students

Until now, Italian students away from home had to change their medical domicile or go to an ER, risking overcrowding, or to a doctor on call, paying for each service. Thanks to an agreement between the City of Florence, the Metropolitan City, the University of Florence, and the USL Toscana Centro, a clinic for free health care has been created for all students attending the University of Florence who reside in other regions. An innovative service among the main Italian Universities! 

The clinic is located in Viale Morgagni 33R and welcomes all students: all you need is your student card, your tessera sanitaria, and an identity document. The service is open from Monday to Friday at the following times: Monday from 9 to 12; Tuesday from 15 to 18, Wednesday from 9 to 12, Thursday from 9 to 12, and Friday from 15 to 19. Access is by appointment only, by sending an email to


SYNLAB, Europe’s leading provider of medical diagnostic services, provides a dedicated nursing clinic where international students can quickly and easily book several medical services, including vital signs measurement, medication injections with a medical prescription, dressings, suture removal, ambulatory blood pressure and cardiac holter monitoring, ECG.

Nursing clinic:

Medical Center SYNLAB
Viale de Amicis 87, Firenze
The walk-in clinic is open Monday through Saturday, from 09:00 am to 12:00 pm

Not Only! Home blood draws can also be booked, with optional blood pressure monitoring.

Call the Health Assistant for information and reservations at +39 342 330 1292; Assistance in English is also available!
The line is active Monday through Saturday, from 09:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Emergency Number

The European Union has set up a single number for all emergencies, 112, and can be used in all EU countries.

The call, whether from a landline, cell phone or app, is free. Whoever receives the distress call sees the phone number of the caller and the exact location. Even if you don’t speak Italian, you can explain what you need thanks to the multilingual service, which allows simultaneous translation of the call with the help of an interpreter. You can then turn to 112 for medical assistance, to call the police, or fire department.

Hospitals in Florence

Prevention is better than cure, Belonger. That’s why it’s helpful to know where to go when you need to. These are the main hospitals and emergency rooms in Florence:

Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Careggi

Via Largo Giovanni Alessandro Brambilla, 3

+39 055 794111

Centro Traumatologico Ortopedico (CTO)

Largo Palagi, 1

+39 055 794 8000

 Ospedale S. Maria Nuova

Piazza S. Maria Nuova 1

+39 055 69381

Nuovo Ospedale S. Giovanni di Dio

Via Torregalli, 1

+39 055 693 2111

Drugstores open 24/7

There is no shortage of drugstores in Florence, you’ll find one on every corner. But did you know that in Italy you can also find farmacie which are open 24/7? These are the main ones:– Farmacia – Farmacia Comunale, Santa Maria Novella, inside the central station +39 055 216761
–  Farmacia Comunale Europa – Viale Europa, 191 – +39 055 653 1400
– Farmacia Comunale Mercato Novoli – Viale A. Guidoni, 89 B/C/D – +39 055 415546

For more information on the opening hours and the pharmacies available in Florence, call this free number +39 800 420707.

Other useful numbers

Artemisia – Anti-Violence Center

Via del Mezzetta, 1/int.

+39 055 601375