Who must apply for a Permesso di Soggiorno (Permit to Stay)

The permit to stay is the authorization needed to indicate the presence of a foreigner in the territory of the Italian State and documents their eligibility to be here.

Citizens of non-European countries and stateless persons, i.e. those who do not have a declared nationality, must apply for a permit to stay. However, it is not necessary for European citizens, who can enter the Italian territory without the need for a passport or entry visa.

When to apply for the permit

The Permesso di Soggiorno (permit to stay) must be requested within 8 working days from the date of entry into Italy.

How to apply for the permit

  1. Go to the Sportello Amico at a post office (look for the one closest to you in Florence) and collect the kit to apply for your first permit to stay. The kit is an envelope with a yellow stripe that contains the form to be filled in according to the instructions.
  2. Fill in the form (in capital letters). Attention: the form is in Italian, seek assistance if you don’t know the language well.
  3. Pay 107.50 euro via postal order and keep the payment receipt.

Who to contact

Florence’s Sportello Immigrazione (Immigration counter) is for non-Italian and Italian citizens who seek the following services:

  • Information, advice and guidance on Immigration and Asylum
  • Personal information (forms and appointments)
  • Assistance, by appointment, in filling in applications via telematic applications (e.g. renewal of permits to stay, family reunification, Italian language test, etc.)
  • Cultural linguistic mediation
  • Submission and collection of the Certificate of Suitable Housing

Issue of the permit

Receiving the document may take up to a few months. Monitor the process on www.poliziadistato.mobi and www.questure.poliziadistato.it/stranieri. You will be updated on the status of the procedure and the date you will be called.

For further information on documentation and the procedure for issuing and renewal click here.

The renewal of the permit to stay must be requested at the police headquarters for the province of residence at least 60 days before the deadline, for the verification of the terms.

Cost to apply for or renew the permit

For all information on the costs of issuing or renewing the various types of permits, please click here.

Conversion of the Permit to Stay for Students into a Residence Permit for Work (of various types)

If you intend to stay in Florence and work, you will need to convert your permit to stay

Stays longer than 12 months

For permits to stay lasting more than one year, foreigners, over the age of 16, who will enter the national territory for the first time, must also sign the Integration Agreement with the Local Prefecture.

Contacts Office P.O. Marginalità e Immigrazione

Manager: Daniele Maltoni

Address c / o Villa Pallini Via Baracca 150 / p Florence – Access from Viuzzo delle Calvane 1

Tel: 055 / 2767078 – 055 / 2767079

E-mail: immigr@comune.fi.it – Skype: immigr.comunefirenze

Opening hours ATTENTION: Due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) emergency, for contact methods consult the “Warnings” section above.