International students

1. Choose Florence, the dream!

Florence is a special city for many reasons and time spent here inevitably leads to lifelong memories. But there’s something even more significant about spending time here as a student, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the city and delve deep into Tuscan life.

2. Choose the course that’s right for you

It’s important to find the right course for your academic career or passion! Florence offers many possibilities: universities, language schools, painting and craft schools, fashion, and much more. Choose your course and send your application now!

3. Covid-19 Health Emergency: entry into Italy

Be well informed: view all the rules and regulations for entry into the Tuscan territory based on your country of origin, provided for and updated by the Tuscan Region.

4. Entry Visa (Non-EU Citizens)

Based on your nationality, the country in which you reside permanently and the length and reason for your extended stay in Florence, you may need to apply for an Entry Visa at the Embassy or Consulate of your country. Find out here if you need them and which documents are required.

5. Permit to stay and all necessary documents

To find out about all the documents you need, the bureaucratic steps to be taken, and how to arrive perfectly prepared to start your exciting new life in Florence, visit our section titled Moving to Florence: necessary documents.

6. Find your house on Be.long and avail of the benefits

Feel at home already; browse our site and seize the opportunity to book the house you prefer! All accommodation is officially guaranteed by Destination Florence and the Municipality of Florence and provides all the comforts you need to study and experience the city in the best way possible. Book your new life now you will have access to many discounts and benefits!

7. Florentine lifestyle

Book your flight and print your ticket! Your new Florentine life is closer than you think. Learn the basics on how to move around Florence like a local. Here are the 10 things to know before arriving in Florence. You can always immerse yourself in our MAGAZINE to discover everything you desire!

8. Study Italian!

Living in another country means embracing its culture, and the first step is always the language. Italian is a very musical and fascinating language, the locals really appreciate whenever someone tries to communicate in Italian (but they’d have no problem understanding you in English either). Find the right Italian school for you. Students with an international scholarship at Unifi (Erasmus and similar) can attend a free Italian language course during their stay, starting from A2 level.

9. Have you arrived? Destination Florence and Be.long

Some of the best times of your life take off. Florence will become your second home and you will carry it with you forever more, we’re certain. On Destination Florence, you can find everything the city has to offer at your fingertips: where to visit, what to do, breathtaking experiences, culture and how to live-like-a-local. Remember! If you subscribe to the Be.long platform, you will immediately have access to many promotions and exclusive discounts.

10. Connect

Stay in touch with your family easily and economically and connect to the city. Discover all the offers for mobile and navigation data. Follow the Facebook and Instagram pages and stay up to date! #destinationflorence #feelflorence #myflorence