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Starting a new adventure in Florence with Belong is really simple. You may not believe us, but hear what the Belongers think.

Our Testimonials

Belongers say so!

“I’ve had other study-abroad experiences, and finding the right housing has always been difficult. Sometimes the house was very different from the pics, or the cost of rent too high. With Be.Long I found the right place for me right away, and no nasty surprises!”


Florence is perfect for my study choice. Here is art, history and architecture, but also creativity and innovation, as well as the best international universities. Plus, the cuisine is amazing: what more can you ask for?”



“As a foreign student it’s not always easy to make new friends, but with Be.Long I found an apartment shared with other Florentine guys, and that helped me a lot! Plus here I’ve found information to move around the city in the right way, like a real Florentine!”



Not just for students

Belong’s housing platform has been created not only to give students a safe and verified accommodation, but also to offer an alternative to all hosts of housing in Florence who want to stop short-term tourist rentals.

With Belong it is possible to rent your own home with benefits from the City of Florence, which help to encourage longer stays and lower the average age in the city.

Long stay, the Florence way

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