Attività Angeli del Bello – Decoro Urbano

take care of Florence!

The nonprofit Foundation Angeli del Bello, founded in 2010 and operating in Florence for 13 years, now counts more than 3,000 volunteers who gather daily in different areas of the city to take care of public gardens and parks, remove stickers and graffiti, or pick up tons of plastic and trash from the streets.

Their motto? Promoting and coordinating volunteer projects aimed at improving urban decorum and active citizenship! Indeed, the Foundation also carries out social inclusion projects and generally works to spread the culture of environmental awareness, integration and volunteerism.

Won’t you want to be a part of it?

When does the project start?

It’s ongoing!

For how long are the activities planned?

You can apply until June 30, 2023.

What are the volunteer’s tasks?

The volunteer will wear the orange jacket of Angeli del Bello and will be involved in activities such as caring for parks, painting railings or benches, collecting micro trash, and enhancing the places the Foundation cares for every day.

When do the activities take place?

Activities take place Monday through Saturday, both in the morning and afternoon. The volunteer will be assigned to a group that he or she will take part in one day a week to assist with the above activities.


The activities take place on the territory of Florence, in various locations around the city.

What are the requirements to participate?

Minimum Age:
You must be at least 16 years old on the start date of the program to participate.

Time commitment:
A commitment of at least twice a week, for at least two months, is required. Occasional commitments are not accepted for this type of volunteer activity.

Language skills:
An elementary Italian language level is required. English-speaking mentors will also be present.

Are there any costs to participate?

The Foundation requests an insurance contribution of 30€, which includes recognition bib and materials in use to be found on site. (The T-shirt is separate and costs 10€).

Any other relevant information?

If you firmly believe that everyone should respect and love the place where we live, preserving it from dirt and degradation, this activity is for you!

Become a volunteer for angeli del bello!